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The Way Out

In accordance with this concept, a method is provided for creating elevated plots; said method comprising the following steps

Constructing at least one column structure.

Constructing plurality of recessed platform structures extending operatively orthogonally from said column structure and supported thereby, said platform structures spaced apart vertically from each other so that each of the platform is adapted to receive adequate sunlight and ventilation independently and unobstructed scenic view.

Filling the recesses in said recessed platforms with soil to form plots, wherein said soil is an aggregate of clay, gravel and stones.

Providing water reticulation system in at least some of the said plots/platforms connected with each other and to a central water supply system, said water reticulation system including treatment plants for treatment of water after use at each plot and providing the treated water to a plot at an operatively lower level.

Providing means to access said plots from the ground surface and from other plots.

providing amenities/ utilities to at least some of said plots.