Welcome to our world

We have been, for more than a decade making, preparing numerous sketches, drawings and pictures of ideal houses - totally different houses with all the openness around & land for green surrounds eliminating congestion, self-sufficient in water & power and with countless benefits more than bungalows, villas on an independent plot and flats in a skyscrapper for people to stay in

About Our Concept

One of the architectural concepts i.e. Bungalows - rather villas - one above another ....!!!, being innovative - having all the Novelty, Inventive steps as also Industrial application -- has duly been recognized by the Indian Patent Authority as well as the World Intellectual Property Organisation and they have published the patent in 2009 with protection date as 18th December, 2007. Trade-marks viz. 'Castles in the Air ' , 'Hawetil Imle ' , 'Hung Houses' and few more, are also registered under the law.