The Developers's Gains

A solution for the scarcity of land by enhanced use of the limited land available in urban areas.

Houses on artificially created plots, also called podiums under civic rules. A novel method for construction of spaces, particularly residential spaces for better living conditions !

Combining together qualities of both a luxurious bungalow , a villa and a high storied flat, enhancing their qualities and eliminating their respective shortcomings.

Multiplication of openness around houses, extending in all the 10 (ten) directions , providing full sunlight and plentiful breeze.

Multiplied land area around houses, providing space for lush greenery around.

Land area and Poly-House / Green-House enough for cultivating and producing vegetables and fruits for consumption by the occupant families.

While construction cost would go up marginally, the resultant product for sale - House (say 100 sq.mtrs.) plus plot (around say 300 sq.mtrs.) - shall fetch better price, may be double !

Generation of electricity regularly and permanently for dwellings and services in the structure i.e. making the structures and houses self sufficient in respect of power, the electricity by fixing solar panels harnessing full sunlight and illumination and by installing wind mills making use of high altitude and plentiful breeze; and to reduce the burden on and possibly feed to power grids.

Congestion will be eliminated & greenery promoted; at the same time, houses and localities would be self-sufficient in power, water resources, garbage disposal system, vehicles parking and in addition, it is possible to make the entire ground level available for public uses and in turn, addressing well the problems anticipated by the civic authorities and reduce the burden on them. Principally, F.S.I. restrictions would not be applicable for such type of construction and civic authorities would relax F.S.I. rules for construction in the envisaged method.

Exploring ways and means to plan a dream-cum-true town or urban area or at least a locality with entire area all around open up to a height of around 10 meters or more even up to around 30 meters for absolutely free movements of people, vehicles and for other public uses such as parks, gardens, for agriculture, cultivation, road widening......the works! In such dream-towns there can be horizontal connecting road ways, access lanes at a height of around 30 meters, again at around 60 meters and so on, virtually creating several tiers for free movements within, making Sky-villages in towns and even in metropolises a reality !

Protect & preserve Heritage buildings, to cover & protect small and large playgrounds, any public place and at the same time to use them for accommodating more and more dwelling and non-dwelling structures. Protection from hot sunlight and wash-away rains will preserve heritage buildings for ages with substantial reductions in their maintenance costs. On playgrounds, there would be no rain interruptions in matches, games! Playgrounds will be In-door since covered and at the same time Out-door in view of complete openness and in fact would boast the best of both worlds. Structure in accordance with this method can, therefore be constructed on any public place without disturbing and in-fact with protecting their public utility.

Setting a new trend in the construction industry with the new concept, a different direction viz. creating artificial plots for houses, vegetation, parking and other uses and a concept of utilization of area as well as height i.e. the volume above a plot; in other words, to provide a method for Green Vertical expansion in the metropolises.

Converting concrete jungles in urban areas into verdurous paradises of green by making every dwelling & non-dwelling structure - a created resort, a park at each tier !

No need to say.....quick salability multiplied by enhanced values shall be the Developer's gains !!!