The Customer's Interest

So what one says that you build "Castles in the Air" -
a visionary unattainable scheme - we already have laid foundations to bring them in reality; You stay therein!


Novel and unique houses to stay in !

"Dream - come - True Houses", on artificially created elevated individual plots.

Equipped with all the openness (in all 10 directions), full sunlight, plentiful breeze & gardens and lush greenery.

"Two - in - One" i.e. the mix of a Bungalow - rather a villa - and a High storied dwelling in a skyscraper, together; putting differently, bungalows/villas at a towering height, one above another!

Each house will boast of all the best qualities of traditional bungalows/villas as well as high storied flats, minus their respective shortcomings.

Ample land area around and "Poly-House /Green-House" admeasuring 100 sq.mtrs. for each house enough for cultivation and producing organic vegetables, fruits and flowers required for consumption by members of a family. This is to avoid consuming chemicals in the name of fruits & vegetables.

As many car parking places as one needs.

Free electricity, regularly and permanently; the self sufficiency in electricity, with the power generated by solar panels harnessing sunrays and by windmills utilizing high altitude and plentiful breeze.

Group safety and security as in flat/apartment system in addition to gardens, lawns, vegetation and all the pleasures & facilities as also the grace, grandeur and status of a Bungalow, the exclusiveness with the right & feel of ownership.

Water reticulation and treatment system bringing self sufficiency in water resource.

Elevators also for vehicles, road - way right up to the topmost Bungalow, Helipad at group option - to cater to the wildest imaginations of a connoisseur of beauty & luxury!

The residence area will have a natural protection shield from the afternoon direct sunrays and the unwanted heat during 10.00 hrs. to 16.00 hrs. Thus, substantial savings in electricity.

A house – a created resort, a park at each tier! – converting concrete jungles in urban areas into verdurous paradises of Green !

At option, love and services from a poor brother, farmer to manage lawns, gardens, vegetables, fruits and flower plantation on around 25 plots.